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Even if you’re unmotivated and hate working out


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Now in its 12th year, Snatched in Six Weeks has helped over FOUR THOUSAND people who hate gyms have a fat loss breakthrough in just six weeks…

With three classes per week and personalized nutrition coaching, we’ll show you exactly how to train and how to eat for your goals. Whether you’re training with us in-person or via our bodyweight-only, live coached Zoom classes, You’ll burn fat, build muscle, and get in the very best shape of your life.

No more wasting money on a gym you hate, and no more wasting time not getting results. Work with our quirky expert coaches who are as kind and supportive as they are knowledgeable.

(Absolute beginners welcome; we’ll nurture the shit out of you!)

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Wanna chat with someone about Snatched?

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Hey there friend…

If you’ve found yourself on this website, I’ll bet you’re someone looking for a change. You may even be looking for a total transformation: of your body, of your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness – energy levels, mood, confidence, and more.

Let me come right out with it. Snatched in Six Weeks may not be the right solution for you. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re on our website and still reading, I’d be happy to share a bit more about exactly what Snatched in Six Weeks is so you make the right decision for you.

And good news… we now offer Snatched directly to the comfort of your own home AND at our NYC location in Hell’s Kitchen.

And if it IS the right fit, you may be in for an experience similar to Ed…

“In six weeks of Snatched, I was totally transformed physically and mentally. It sounds corny, but I am so excited about life again. I hit my goal weight and lost more than 3 inches off my waist. I have abs for the first time in years. Even more importantly, I developed a solid plan for eating well without ever feeling deprived and that sense of self-care has impacted ALL parts of my life in amazing ways. Dating… career… everything. And it was fun. Like ridiculous fun.”

– Ed

Check Out These Snatched Video Testimonials!

Wanna chat with someone about Snatched?

“When you are ready to make a change, and you find a place that is more than ready and able to make you do that, serious shit happens.”

– Stephen

“I finally have the courage to start accepting and loving the body God gave me. Snatched is a beautiful community of wonderful humans.”

– Jessica

“The MFF team’s joy in my successes and encouragement during my failures was genuine. Every day, I left class smiling and delighted with life.”

– Jonathan

Snatched in Six Weeks is our signature total body makeover program at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. I created Snatched* in 2011 because I wanted to make a comprehensive program for my friends to learn the basics of health and hotness

* Oh, and if you don’t know… the term “snatched” means “sexy as hell” or “fierceness.” Get your mind out of the gutter!! 🙂

You see, my friends and clients wanted to get results. They wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and generally feel awesome. But they weren’t able to stick with the restrictive or poorly designed programs they tried. Or they’d try working out on their own, but were never quite sure what to do. And in many cases, they’d get injured before seeing the results they were working for.

And if I’m being honest… I was pissed. I was pissed off that people I cared about were not getting an evidence-based approach and using the strategies that ACTUALLY work. I was tired of hearing stories about my friends getting shouted at or shamed by bootcamp drill instructors with minimal actual education on human physiology.

Nobody should have to put up with that!

So I set about creating a six week program that would not just get results, but educate them on what really works for health and hotness for the long haul.

And most importantly, offer it in an actually enjoyable style so people wouldn’t know how much work they were doing. (Hence unicorns, blue humor, and various other MFF shenanigans including but not limited to theme days and trainers in capes.)

Listen, getting in shape is hard. You deserve to work with actual experts who will be supportive and empathetic.

Imagine what it would be like to know exactly what to do for your fitness goals.

What if all you had to do was follow a proven plan to get you the results you’re looking for?

Think about what it would be like to see your body responding each week with measurable progress.

How would your life change if you had:

  • All-day long energy, every single day?
  • Improved mood and confidence?
  • More emotional resilience?
  • Clearer thinking?
  • Genuine self-pride for consistently treating your body with oodles of love, kindness, and respect?

I promise you: You CAN make these changes.

Even if you’ve struggled to commit to fitness in the past, we can help.

We’re now twelve years in (!!!), and we’ve had well over 5,000 Snatched journeys. We’ve continually improved our process and approach over time, leading to better, faster, and more consistent results.

In fact, here are some Ninja-reported stats from recent rounds of Snatched:

  • 93.3% reported improved mood
  • Participants looking for fat loss lost an average of 6.7 lbs and up to 15 lbs
  • Participants looking for fat loss lost an average of 1.7 inches off their waist
  • 100% of participants reported increased motivation to workout

The success of Snatched in Six Weeks even got Mark Fisher Fitness featured in local and national media publications like The New York Times:

After a rocky divorce (“I would rather lose a limb than go through that again”), Ms. Rojas started Snatched in Six Weeks, an exercise and nutrition program at Mr. Fisher’s gym. “I could barely do a push-up on my knees,” she said about her pre-Snatched state.

Mr. Fisher’s alternative-fitness community of “misfits, nerds, outcasts, and Broadway geeks” cheered her on, she said, and after Snatched ended, she continued to work out there, enjoying the positive energy at the gym. Within a few months, she said, she went from a “flabby size 8 with a corporate commuter look” to a size 2.

Here’s What Other Ninjas Are Saying:

“Snatched made me feel worthy of myself, of every blessing that comes my way.”

– Marlena

“I have a new outlook on my life, and a fucking hot body to go with it!!”

– Chris

“In six weeks, I’ve lost 12 lbs. and 5 inches. For the first time ever, I’m comfortable in my own skin, loving myself, and genuinely smiling.”

– Brittany

After years of Snatched only being available to those who could join us in NYC, we are thrilled to be able to offer Snatched in Six Weeks @ Home…

If this is all sounding like a lovematch, you can now join us from literally anywhere in the world!

So what does Snatched entail?

If you really want the most out of your Snatched experience, it requires a serious commitment. This is no “quick fix.” The good news is we’ve got you covered with all the following:

  • 3 weekly classes so that you have a set structure and accountability (either in-person or delivered totally online, no equipment necessary)
  • Personalized nutrition guidance and weekly check-in’s with our expert coaches so you get the support to actually be proud of your food choices
  • The Snatched Quickstart Guide: all you need to know to succeed in less than 1000 words!
  • The Snatched Foreplay Workshop so you can review the basics of the program in workshop format and get clear on exactly what it will take to succeed
  • Unlimited email and online support so you can always get immediate answers to any questions that come up
  • Daily educational emails to keep you on track and teach you what really works for long term fitness success
  • Special discounts to enhance your Snatched experience with extra classes, training, and supplements
  • Flexible scheduling – switch from your primary Snatched group up to six times based on availability
  • Our private Snatched Facebook Group of aggressively kind and supportive humans
  • Glitter, dragons, and magical unicorn rides*
  • * Magical unicorn rides are weather permitting.

I know, I know. that’s a lot of shit! 

Snatched in six weeks & Snatched II

Cycle #3: May 1st – June 11th

Full Price: $1197

Early Bird Pricing (Ends Mon April 10th)

3 Payments of $349


$949 Paid In Full

Again, Snatched isn’t for everyone. In fact, we often recommend Ninjas new to Mark Fisher Fitness start with a regular Membership so they can ease into their new fitness adventures. Snatched works best when you are ready to go all-in and create some SERIOUS CHANGE.

In addition to the classes, Ninjas get serious about nutrition and cooking, they read daily educational emails, and they often add on extra training sessions. In short… they work their ass off!

Remember, there are no shortcuts here. Just smart training and nutrition executed consistently with the support of a like-minded community.

One final point…

Snatched sessions usually sell out… FAST. If you have a very strict schedule, sign up as soon as we open enrollment. Many prime session times fill up completely on the day general registration opens.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee
Yes. For real!!

If you make it through the whole program and don’t feel like the Mark Fisher Fitness team has done everything possible to help you succeed, we’ll give you all your money back. Seriously.

We feel very strongly that Snatched in Six Weeks is the best program of its kind. But if you do the whole program and don’t think it was worth the investment, not only will we give your money back, we’ll help figure out your other fitness options..

I can’t say it enough, there is nothing we won’t do to help you succeed. We want to remove all the risk. We have no problem offering a guarantee like this because we’ve helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives.

If you decide Snatched in Six Weeks is the right fit for you, we’ll do everything in our power to earn your trust.

And if you’re feeling skeptical, you are NOT alone. Trust me, I get it. There’s a lot of shady shit in the fitness industry. It would be weird if you weren’t skeptical. So was Karyn…

“I’ve tried joining gyms and attending classes but could never shake the urge to just get in as anonymously as I could and get out as fast as possible… when I actually WENT, that is. I heard about MFF from several colleagues, but eyed it suspiciously as a fad of the moment…

I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. The off-kilter, foul-mouthed, all-welcoming embrace of the loonies at MFF are a perfect fit for this girl. It’s honest. It’s loving. It’s ass-kicking. It engendered in me an accountability to myself that I didn’t know I had and has transformed how I look at food, at movement, and at life. I MISS going to the gym! Who the hell am I? I’m a Ninja.”

– Karyn 

Only you can make that decision. The choice is yours. But we’re more than happy to get together and talk more so you can make the right decision for you. You can always shoot us an email at [email protected]

Hell, you can email me PERSONALLY at [email protected] (Go ahead! I promise I’ll answer.)

I’m 100% committed to your vision of fitness success. If you’re looking to have more energy, better sleep, an improved mood, and more confidence… Snatched can help! I’m happy to answer any and all questions and help you make the best choice for your particular situation.

Sincerely as hell,


P.S. Still reading? Sweeeeeet. Check out more stories of glory below…

“I cried at the end of the last class but no one noticed (thank god). At that moment I felt accomplished, I felt strong, I felt loved. It was a wonderful experience while surrounded by wonderful people. Without the support, I don’t think I could’ve lost the 10 lbs. and almost 3 inches. I am now obsessed and super excited to be a part of this unicorn cult!”

– Lauren

“I don’t know where the instructors come from, but they are a hodge podge of all my favorite things! They create such a welcoming environment that ANYONE can feel at home! They are all truly unique and add their own spin to fitness. Between the potty-mouths, costumes, bear crawls (ooooooh yaaaaaa!)… I was sweating, smiling and laughing like never before!!!!!

After Snatched, I’ve lost 16 lbs. and 3.5 inches from my waist. However, I’ve gained so much more in life. I’m a 40-year-old man who knows the importance of self-care.”

– Brian

“For so many years I was always the skinny one. The one who ate everything in sight and still couldn’t put meat on my bones. All of a sudden over the course of a couple years all that changed. I was gaining weight but not in a good way. I was making excuses for myself but mostly I was embarrassed about my new situation. It was extremely hard for me to even admit that I needed help. Finally, I had that moment where I had enough and signed up for Snatched.

Right away I was welcomed and comfortable. The support from the MFF staff and all the other Snatchders was immeasurable. As the inches started melting I could hear everyone cheering for me and it made me work that much harder. Now, after 6 weeks, I am down almost 6 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. I need to go shopping for new pants!!”

– Joey

“Mark Fisher Fitness is the first place of fitness I didn’t feel inadequate walking in the door. I felt welcomed, excited and that this was a place I could make the changes I had tried and failed at so many times.

In just six weeks at MFF, my clothes are loosely fitting, my body fat percentage has gone down, I have energy, I am toned and most importantly I have begun to value my fitness and health. Plus, I love coming to work out!”

– Jennie

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