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Lige is why when you are looking for classic gaming wallpapers, WallpaperWaifu should be your go-to site. However, Waifu does not have its own app that can help you to apply these wallpapers on your desktop. What I like more is that live desktop wallpaper windows 10 also brings support for multi-monitor setupsHiDPI resolution like 4K, various ultra-wide посетить страницу ratios, drag and drop videos for live preview, etc.


Live desktop wallpaper windows 10


Upgraded to Windows 10 and thinking about changing your ordinary wallpaper to the live one? Well, there are people wanting the same but not being able to do so. This is because there is no built-in tool to let the user put live wallpaper for Windows However, you can do so easily by third-party software, but now a big question comes up that what are the choices for it? Well, there are thousands of options available when it comes to choosing live wallpaper for your Windows 10 based system.

In this section, I am going to talk about the best options available for live wallpaper for Windows From beautiful sceneries to falling waterfalls and to even dark and edgy themes, you can find a lot of options for this. But the best ones are chosen and mentioned just right below here.

To use this live wallpaper of Star Wars Darth Vader, you would have to install the Desktop Hut software first because such wallpapers come into this package only. It is completely free to use and the file size is also small.

The live wallpaper or the theme I should say is pretty dark and edgy in nature. You are going to see the Darth Vader standing on a cliff in this windows 10 live wallpaper. Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader can be seen carrying a red lightsaber which is constantly glowing in the contrasting dark environment giving a very soothing and unique feel to the whole wallpaper. I think this live wallpaper is a visual treat for all the Star Wars fans out there. This one is a special mention amongst the rest of the live wallpaper for Windows It is for the die-hard patriots which have more than national world flags in its package and that too in 3D.

I think this is more suitable for systems used in formal work. So, the live wallpaper effect comes out with the fact that it blows in a constant breeze and gives a very patriotic and symbolic feel to the user. You can use it both as wallpaper as well as screensaver too. What makes it even more empowering is the thing that it comes in 3D giving a better impact. Before you decide to put it as your live wallpaper, let me tell you that such kind of live wallpapers windows 10 consumes more battery power than usual.

This is because of the continuously active animation effect in them. However, you would have to agree with me when I say that this beautiful space live wallpaper is legit beautiful beyond expectation and comes with so many color options too.

It is quite like moving with mysterious nebulas which gives a very enchanting feel. It features a never-ending journey moving in forward direction and for the color schemes you have options like blue, green, red, orange etc. The 3D effect makes it more captivating and you can use it for Windows 8, 8. If there is anything which can match the word fantasy then it is definitely the series of The Lord of the Rings.

We know it so well that how amazingly they have portrayed it through novels, movies, video games etc. Lord of the Rings is all about the fight against good and evil and even the wallpaper has portrayed the same where you can see a giant Sauron fighting with the great king. The timely effect of blowing cape, striking of lightning and the constant black clouds moving makes this wallpaper even more catchy and influencer. I am sure that LOTR fans are going to drool over it for sure. If you wish to enjoy a blue hue on your system, then you should better go for the Watery Desktop 3D animated desktop backgrounds.

As usual, this one is a 3D based wallpaper where the water world has been shown. But it is different from the usual live wallpapers as they have used the slideshow technique instead of the moving images.

The interactive environment keeps on changing with the help of variety of images used in it, and the 3D effect of them makes them look unique, and they seems like popping right out of the screen. I really liked the entire color scheme as it gives a very soothing and relaxing feel to the whole wallpaper.

Belonging to the amazing list of live wallpaper for Windows 10 by Push Entertainment, the next one coming on board is Space Wormhole. Quite clear from the name, the wallpaper gives a very hyper-space activity kind of feel where you can literally feel like you are traveling through a never-ending space wormhole.

This is actually a part of wallpaper called Space Journey but this one is animated and the former one runs in form of slide-show of 3D images. The timely ups and downs and a lot of roller-coaster kind of effects make it even more fun to put on your screen.

There are a lot of color schemes available like purple, orange, blue etc. Who can forget the ever-classic Aquarium live wallpaper option when it comes to changing the theme of your Windows 10 based system? We have come a long way in the list of live wallpapers for windows 10 but this old yet fascinating Aquarium theme is always going to remain a big hit.

Of course, animated by nature you are going to see the fishes moving and swimming around. A beautiful picturesque of underwater world with moving plants and aquatic lives because of the water current is something which gives a very realistic feel to it. However, you need to download the Desktop Hut software to use this live wallpaper. If you are a big hippie and loves to travel and explore around then this live wallpaper suits your personality like nothing else.

The Dubai Night live wallpaper for windows 10 is no less than a whole different world which has been put together on your system screen. You are going to see the night view of Dubai where the animation keeps you moving with the traffic and you can explore the posh reality of Dubai through your screen only.

Of course, as it is quite enchanting and vivid, it will need more battery power than other live wallpapers mentioned here. This is the time for you to indulge in some winter fun through this amazing Snowy Desktop 3D live wallpaper for Windows 10 by Push Entertainment. It gives a very warm and cozy feel to your system without even having to turn that chimney on. For the time of Christmas and End of the year holidays, this wallpaper gives the perfect homey vibes to the user.

You can see a beautiful landscape with the snow falling down through the animation. The background is ever changing and maintains the versatility of the live wallpaper too. You can use this wallpaper for the other versions of Windows as well. As the name says it all, this live wallpaper for Windows 10 is based on a character from the movie Blade Runner The Hologram girl is a character which is shown in this wallpaper and the animation keeps on giving some high-end techno vibe in this theme.

You can see the girl which kind of belongs to a futuristic world having blue hairs and pointing in one direction. Such animated backgrounds windows 10 are a reflection of how amazingly the technology has grown over the time.

The wallpaper comes with the software Desktop Hut and you can use it for absolutely free. I think all the modern tech-savvy people are going to love such wallpapers. Each software comes with its own package and variety of different live wallpapers.

So, if you are someone who wants something different for each single day then you should go for a versatile software offering variety of items in it. Moreover, live wallpaper for Windows 10 are all about your personal choice and personal preferences. It mainly depicts your personality to the rest of the people. Related Posts Software, Technology. Entertainment, Internet, Technology.


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