Bobby's Story of Glory

What was the biggest challenge that kept you from working out at Mark Fisher Fitness?

I didn’t have any concept of the commitment it actually requires to take full responsibility for my health. It was probably a mix of fear, laziness, and ignorance that kept me from diving in.


What changed your mind?

Mark’s invitation into his world was so welcoming, positive, and affirming. He made it feel like fitness didn’t have to be a pain in the ass, but a really fun challenge.


What was your biggest fitness struggle and how did MFF help you overcome it?

Consistency. I would go through phases of fitness focus, but they were always externally motivated – getting ready for a role or a show, wanting to look good for summer, having a brief bout of inspiration.

But the personal and group accountability that Mark Fisher Fitness allows you to foster helps you realize the joy in showing up for yourself every step of the way.


How is your life different now that you’re a Ninja?

I have more energy, I enjoy the discomfort of a particularly challenging workout, I have a lighter spring in my step, my mood is better, and I know how to take care of my body in way that is sustainable. The inside matches the out.


What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining the crazies at Mark Fisher Fitness?

It’s a significant investment, and you have to get your ass out of bed way too early, and eat way more chicken than you’ve ever consumed, and your body will be sore. But you will thank yourself for all the discomfort.



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