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Double Dragon Neon is the relaunch of the famous series of games, where you can once again plunge into the incredible generation associated with the main characters – brothers Jimmy and Billy Lee. You can control real martial artists, and together with them go to the extermination of the enemy supporters. Marian the Beautiful is in mortal danger and you have to find a way to save her. The difficulty is that the beauty is in the clutches of a bloody gang, to cope with the representatives of which will not be so easy.

The game consists of sixteen exciting levels, each of which is prepared for you a lot of interesting events and powerful opponents. The difficulty of these levels will grow each time higher, so you should pay attention to the development of your skills and abilities.

The game will allow you to hone your skills in single player and then go to the game world with your friends in co-op mode. You will face a lot of interesting locations, challenges, and dangerous enemies. Always keep an eye on your fighting arsenal and do not forget to prepare properly for future encounters with the boss.

Improve the hero’s performance, take away the enemy’s weapons, and achieve your goal as quickly as possible. On this page you can always download Double Dragon: Neon for free on pc via torrent or direct link. The site is not responsible for the content of the material. Let us remind you that your property was in the public domain and that is the only reason it was published on our site.

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However, murky control for all the fighters knocks the action down a peg. Double tap the controller in either direction to get a running start on a super move. This is not in the manual! Most Game Boy DD 3 players probably have sore memories of the handheld version’s ridiculous no-continue challenge level. The Genesis version hits the opposite end of the spectrum. Overall, it’s too short, and you can purchase 20 or more continues with coins you earn during ‘game play. Technology moves fast and Double Dragon 3 doesn’t quite keep up with the pace.

It’s a fun tide-me-over with familiar characters and foes, but its graphic animation, sounds, control, and character moves get run into the ground when compared to Streets of Rage II, the current king of the Genesis beat-em-up hill.

The Rosetta Stones will make you sweat for a few hours, but they won’t rock your world. The third game of the series was released in , four years after the original release and three after the second game. The third game follows the story of the same twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, who return home from a training trip. On the way home they cross paths with a fortune teller called Hiruko.

Finding all the three stones will bring them in front of a mysterious rival in Egypt, whom they will have to fight against. Up to three players can play the game simultaneously. The first two players take control of the brothers, while the third one takes the control of Sonny, a yellow-clad palette swap of Lee Brothers.

The gameengine uses three main buttons, but discards the directional-based attack buttons from the second game and goes back to the same configuration from the first game, with two buttons, a punch and a kick one. There are few weapons featured in the third game that fans used in the first two releases, but new ones were added, including a belly-to-back throw and a running head-butt. Now the player can also jump over enemies and avoid them. The players can gain additional power-ups and weapons from weapon shops in the game, which is a new feature to the Double Dragon series.

When their characters are killed, the players can buy from the featured shops other playable characters that will replace them. They will obviously be able to control them during the next levels. The first two games had four levels each, while the third one has five setups, each one in a different country: America, China, Japan, Italy and Egypt. There are different types of characters in each level.

Twelve of them were from the third game of series, while the other nine were from the first two versions. GameSpot users rated it with 8. No less than users voted the game. Browse games Game Portals. Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. Install Game. Game review Downloads Screenshots 34 Cheats 3.

Find the Stones The Lee boys have made their reputation by pulling Marion out of hot water. If you’re in between two adversaries, use the Cyclone Spin Kick and you can get two at once. A controller with turbo fire makes the Cyclone Spin Kick devastating.

You can jump over knives or other thrown weapons. These weapons, as well as the ever-deadly Spinning Cyclone ability, are for sale at stores. Each purchase lasts until you die. You can also buy 1-ups and health power-ups. The extra goodies help the cause, but they don’t make up for the missing moves. A mysterious fortune teller, Hiruko, predicts that you must complete five missions to unravel the mysteries of the three Rosetta Stones. She also says that you’ll probably die plenty of black-and-blue deaths along the way!

That’s one prophecy guaranteed to come true. DD III plays rough, and the adversaries knock you down and out with great frequency. This addition to the Double Dragon series featured some pretty cool improvements. One was a new character. He’s a really big guy by the name of Roney. He’s pretty tough. I especially like his jump back spin kick. Another improvement was the ability to jump on an enemy while they are down.

If you knock someone down, you can push the jump button right afterwards and jump on them. You have to be careful though, some enemies will hit you while you are in the air. Just be sure the foe is all alone before trying it. Sign Up. Download 7 MB. Download 4 MB. Follow Us! Monthly Newsletter. Top downloads. List of top downloads. After installation, the Amazon Appstore and the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app will appear in the Start menu and your apps list.

Open the Amazon Appstore and login with your Amazon account. Open the app page by clicking the app icon. Click “Install”. Top Pcmac Reviews. The developers added continues thank you!

However, having a or at least have the option to have “add credits” button would be ideal for the games, Especially for Double Dragon 3 where having additional credits is mandatory to purchase items at the shops.

And where’s the level map for Double Dragon 3? Other than that, everything else is Double Dragon nostalgia awesomeness, a top notch port of all the games I played in the arcades as a kid.

Keep up the good work development team!! Here’s my five stars for Double Dragon trilogy!!! I played this game many atimes without any problems but now the key settings are all messed up the default key configuration makes the buttons overlap against each other and they are huge in size.

I tried support on the web site but there is none. I even deleted the game and re downloaded it but it stays the same arrrrrrgh!


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