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Is Snatched a boot camp?

Here at MFF, we prefer the term fun camp! While Snatched in Six Weeks is a very intense program, no one will be yelling in your face and pushing you until you vomit. Instead, our trainers will love you and teach you in a way that inspires you to love yourself and push yourself to that next level when appropriate.

How is Snatched different than Crossfit?

Snatched in Six Weeks differs from Crossfit in a few ways. Generally speaking, Snatched has more of a focus on nutrition and, consequently, physique transformation (i.e. getting sexy).

Additionally, Snatched uses lower level and less technically complicated movements.  Snatched is designed to ease beginners into working out, as well as improve the base movement technique of experienced gym goers. This allows us to relentlessly groove optimal movement technique to ensure Ninjas of all fitness levels can train hard in a safe manner. As a result, Snatched provides the long term foundation for all manner of fitness endeavors!

Lastly, our vibe is quite a bit different than most Crossfit facilities. While we also have a strong sense of community and love to train hard, our ridiculous attitude and glittery-lovin’-silliness make MFF a unique unicorn in the fitness industry at large.

Suffice it to say, we don’t know of many Crossfit facilities who have had multiple drag queens on staff. 🙂

Are there really unicorns at the Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams?

Dzuh! The unicorns chose us! At MFF we are serious about fitness, but we are also ridiculous humans. We find great value in being silly and having fun (and talking about unicorns) while we get better. This environment lends itself to better, more sustainable results and ultimately happier and sexier Ninjas!

Do I pay all at once?

You can pay the total amount for any Snatched program at the time of registration or you can opt to take advantage of our payment plan. If you choose to pay with the Snatched Payment Plan, you will be paying in 3 installments – the first payment is due at the time of registration, the second payment is due two weeks before the start of Snatched, and the third payment is due on the first day of classes.

What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to commit to the same three days each week?

No problem! You can switch some of your classes around if your schedule is crazy. Each Snatcheder is able to switch from their primary group up to six times over the course of the six weeks based on availability.

Can I freeze my current MFF membership to take any of the Snatched programs?

Hell yeah! Please note, this freeze will NOT count towards your allotted number of complimentary freezes. Should you request to freeze, your membership will be frozen starting on the first day of Snatched and will thaw the day after Snatched ends.

What if I need to cancel?

The first payment is a deposit due at registration and is always nonrefundable and nontransferable. A refund of the second and third payments is available if a request to cancel is submitted before the payments are processed due to an injury or significant life event. In the case of injury, a doctor’s note is requested.


All Snatched classes take place in The Snatchery at MFF Hell’s Kitchen (411 W. 39th Street between 9th and 10th Ave).

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How much weight will I lose?

It depends on a number of things such as your weight, age, current fitness regime, goals, etc. At MFF, we believe that sustainable fat loss is 1-2 lbs. per week. We have had Ninjas go through Snatched and lose as much as 25 pounds during the six weeks, but we care more about the overall picture of your results which includes metrics other than just weight. Measurements, strength, the way your clothes fit, and what you see in the mirror are all equally important aspects of the total body transformation that occurs during Snatched.

I’m super out of shape. Is Snatched in Six Weeks right for me?

Absolutely! Snatched is great for everyone from people who have never worked out to people who have years of experience exercising. Snatched in Six Weeks is designed to be an individualized program in a community setting, allowing Ninjas to benefit from the camaraderie but still “run their own race.” With different size weights, easier and more difficult exercise variations, and add-on training options, people of all levels can get Snatched!

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Can I do Snatched II if I haven’t done Snatched In Six Weeks?

You’re still a great person, and we adore you, but no. Snatched in Six Weeks is an intense educational experience that lays a solid foundation upon which Snatched II builds. Completing Snatched in Six Weeks is a prerequisite for Snatched II.

How fast will Snatched II sell out?

Super fast! Thousands of Ninjas have completed Snatched in Six Weeks over that past five years and many of them are still MFF Members, which means that they qualify for Early Registration. Our best advice is to become an MFF member so you too can take advantage of Early Registration. If that is not possible for you, simply keep your eyes peeled for the registration email at noon on registration day. Ready for membership? Email [email protected].

How is Snatched II different than Snatched in Six Weeks?

Snatched II features more advanced classes than Snatched in Six Weeks, allowing you to take this six-week journey to even higher levels of glory. You’ll be getting the same daily emails, the same FB group, and the same nutrition component as Snatched in Six Weeks. But you can think of the Snatched II classes as starting during Week 5 of Snatched in Six Weeks, taking the movement patterns you learned when you were but a baby Ninja, and adding some hella advanced variations.

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How is Snatched: Project X different than Snatched II?

Although they’re both advanced curriculums, the focus of each program is different. Snatched II is focused more on conditioning and a high total volume of exercise for maximal fat loss. While Project X is likely to result in fat loss for people eating properly, we shit you not, this program is about peak levels of strength and conditioning. The training is designed accordingly.

Is there nutrition coaching in Project X?

Nope. Project X is about strength and conditioning. Of course, eating well is important to get the best results. While there won’t be nutrition check-ins as there are for Snatched in Six Weeks and Snatched II, you’re still going to need to eat to fuel results. There will be a dedicated Facebook page to ask questions, post Ryan Gosling gifs, and make sure you’re on the right track for your personal goals.

I like that I get 6 classes ON TOP of my 3 weekly Project X classes, but my schedule is crazed. What if I can’t make it here four times per week? Will that affect my results?

Not necessarily. We want you to work out four times per week during your Snatched: Project X experience. The goal of the additional workout per week on top of the three Project X classes is to keep your heart rate in the appropriate range to train your aerobic system. We feel that a MFF class is the best way to get in this additional workout as we’ll be nearby to keep an eye on how you’re recovering, but you can definitely supplement with other activities as needed.

If I choose not to take the six extra classes, do I still have I have to pay for them?

Yup. The six extra classes are a key part of the Project X experience and are included in the overall package price because of that. Get into it! Monitoring your heart rate on your own will set you up for success in moments you find yourself away from our loving arms.

I LOVE working out at MFF and I want to go balls to the walls during my SX experience. Can I work out 5 times per week?

In order to get the best possible results, we ask all Ninjas to prioritize their Project X classe along with the one additional group class recovery workout.

That said, if you genuinely love to train, if your sleep is good, and if you’re not overwhelmed by work/life stress, we can get on board with letting you train with us up to five times per week.

We can either hook you up with another 6-pack of classes OR a 6-pack of SPs that feature a tailored SX template designed to give you some “accessory” work without compromising the core SX program. If you think this is you, please reach out to the Snatched Squad for details.

What if I already own a heart rate monitor? Do I have to get the MYZONE heart rate monitor from MFF?

You sure do! In order to sync up with the software and MYZONE system in the Snatchery, we’ll need you to have the heart rate monitor and belt that we provide. We’ve included the cost of the monitor and belt (a $150 value!) in the cost of Snatched: Project X. If you already own a MYZONE heart rate monitor from MFF, you will not be charged the additional $89.

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