Frequently asked questions aboutSnatched Online


How Hard Will It Be?

Snatched in Six Weeks is designed to ease in brand new trainees to accommodate you to training. The first two weeks ramp up as we teach you technique.

Snatched II, available only to those who’ve taken Snatched in Six Weeks, features some of the hardest classes the Clubhouse has to offer.


How Many People Per Class?

For in-person Snatched, we cap each class at 13. For Snatched @ Home, we book 21 into each class section. Each class is slightly under-booked to allow some flexibility for rescheduling.


What If I Want To Train More Than Three Times Per Week?

As any former Snatcheder knows, we ask people to train at least five times per week for best results. Our recommendation is to complement Snatched with relatively heavier weights. This can be best accomplished by adding on a 12 or 6 pack of Small Group Personal Training sessions. Alternatively, based on your logistics and preferences, you can also add on a 12 or 6 pack of in-person classes or an 18 or 12 pack of HomeBody classes.


Can I switch into a Snatched @ Home class if I’m doing in-person Snatched?

Although we suggest you do your best to keep to in-person classes, just like with MFF Memberships, you can switch out an in-person Snatched class for a Snatched @ Home virtual class if that’s the only/ best option. You will be able to do this directly in MBO once the switches are available (about a week before classes start). If you’d like to switch from Snatched @ Home to an in-person Snatched class, please email us and we’ll see if we can make some magic for you!


What If I’m Already Doing an MFF Membership?

You can either keep your membership going so you have access to your credits, OR you can choose to “pause” your membership during Snatched and supplement with Snatched Add-Ons.


When Will Snatched @ Home Come Back?

Based on demand, as early as our next round. Stay tuned!


Do I Need Equipment for Snatched @Home?

MFF’s Snatched Twerk Team Captain Amanda Ting has created a new version of the Snatched programming that can be done at home with just bodyweight and bands. There will also be options for loading some of the moves for those who have weights.


What If I Want To Do Snatched @Home With A Roommate?

That’s awesome! You have three choices:

  • If you’d each like to have your own “square on the grid,” you can simply purchase two spots.
  • You may also access the “Household Rate” for 3 payments of $299 plus tax. We’ll ask you to “share a square on the grid” for classes, but you’ll get a second “seat” for individual nutrition coaching, the daily educational emails, and the Facebook Group.
  • If you’d like to “share a square on the grid” for a single spot, that’s cool too. We know you may have a motivated roomie but be a bit tight on cash. But please note, there will only be one “seat” for nutrition coaching, the emails, and the Facebook Group.




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