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Keil uvision 5 free download for windows 10 64 bit. MDK Microcontroller Development Kit


I have some very old firmware builds I need to maintain, which were built using uvision3 on windows 7. As windows 7 support is due to end we are migrating to windows Our modern builds using uvision4 are building and running fine. However, when I build the old projects under windows 10 using uvision3 the build succeeds, but won’t run. Looking at the object code there are clear differences between the image built on windows7 and windows 10 using the same uvision3 project.

Has anyone got uvision3 to perform under windows 10 as it did in windows 7? I have experimented with compatibility settings without success. IT also maintains the legacy junk pile, in case we really have to go “back to the future” with software and legacy test cards, test stations, etc. The crucial differences are almost certainly further in, most likely in versions of the compiler, assembler, linker, etc Looking at “object code” is the wrong approach, anyway.

You have to compare, in this order:. According to the about uvsion3 pop up the versions are the same for win7 and win10, see below. Looking at the hex files, they are quite different, in content and size! The map file is more helpful. Exe V4. DLL V3. DLL V1. It doesn’t sound right at all. I’ve used and re-installed various versions of uVision on various versions of Windows.

Not installed uVision on Windows 10, but really can’t believe that it is causing uVision to create different final images. Setting aside that you wrote Win10 for both, which doesn’t make sense, those aren’t quite “compiler objects”.

They’re objects pulled from a library. That leaves two main possibilities:. Or maybe one is a fully licensed version, the other isn’t yet. Or you have library paths configured to look in strange places.

When I compare this library, between the win7 and win10 installation, they are different. When I copied the win7 libary files accross to the win10 installation, the win10 build produced an identical hex file to the win7 build.

I think the safest thing to do is uninstall uvision3 and uvision4 and try installing again; then check the library files match the win7 installation. View all questions in Keil forum.

Site Search User. Software Tools. Reply Cancel Cancel. Up 0 Down Reply Accept answer Cancel. You have to compare, in this order: 1 hex files 2 map files 3 compiler listings or absolute linker listings.

Thankyou for your reply. Time to take a thorough look at the tool invocations as documented in the list and map files. Once again thank you for your help on these issues. Thanks again for your help. More questions in this forum. All recent questions Unread questions Questions you’ve participated in Questions you’ve asked Unanswered questions Answered questions Questions with suggested answers Questions with no replies.

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