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To Kill a The image does have a single ELF executable in it. Spider was all about classic attacks in unusual places. The last challenge in Flare-On 8 was probably not harder than the ninth one, but it might have been the one I had the most fun attacking.

Dynstr was a super neat concept based around a dynamic DNS provider. Monitors starts off with a WordPress blog that is vulnerable to a local file include vulnerability that allows me to read files from system.

Cap provided a chance to exploit two simple yet interesting capabilities. My favorite part about Jarmis was that it is centered around this really neat technology used to fingerprint and identify TLS servers.

Pit used SNMP in two different ways. Sink was an amazing box touching on two major exploitation concepts. It is a qualifier box, meant to be easy and help select the top ten to compete later this month. Schooled starts with a string of exploits to gain more and more privilege in a Moodle instance, eventually leading to a malicious plugin upload that provides a webshell.

This user can run the FreeBSD package manager, pkg, as root, and can also write to the hosts file. Unobtainium was the first box on HackTheBox to play with Kubernetes, a technology for deploying and managing containers. It also has a Electron application to reverse, which allows for multiple exploits against the server, first local file include, then prototype pollution, and finally command injection.

Once the competition is over, HTB put it out for all of us to play. This version happens to be the version that had a backdoor inserted into it when the PHP development servers were hacked in March For root, the user can run knife as root. At the time of release, there was no GTFObins page for knife, so the challenge required reading the docs to find a way to run arbitrary code. That page now exists. Recently, he did an analysis of an email with an HTML attachment which presented as a fake Microsoft login page.

When a victim enters creds, the page would send them to www. John looked at bit at the registration information on the domain, but I wanted to dive a bit deeper, specifically using RiskIQ and Maltego.

Proper was a fascinating Windows box with three fascinating stages. I get to play with the eval option for SQLmap, as well as show some manual scripting to do it. The centerpiece is a crazy cross-site scripting attack through a password reset interface using DNS to redirect the admin to a site I control to then have them register an account for me. Love was a solid easy-difficulty Windows box, with three stages. Argageddon was a box targeted at beginners.

The foothold exploit, Drupalgeddon2 has many public exploit scripts that can be used to upload a webshell and run commands. Breadcrumbs starts with a fair amount of web enumeration and working to get little bits of additional access.

With both of those cookies, I gain administrator access to the site, and can upload a webshell after bypassing some filtering and Windows Defender. Atom was a box that involved insecure permissions on an update server, which allowed me to write a malicious payload to that server and get execution when an Electron App tried to update from my host. In Beyond Root, a quick visit back to PrintNightmare. CVE, or PrintNightmare, is a vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler that allows for a low priv user to escalate to administrator on a local box or on a remote server.

This is especially bad because it is not uncommon for Domain Controllers to have an exposed print spooler, and thus, this exploit can take an attacker from low-priv user to domain admin. There are a few proof of concept exploits out there, and I wanted to give them a spin an old HackTheBox machine.

Ophiuchi presented two interesting attacks. Then there was a somewhat contrived challenge that forced me to generate web assembly or WASM code to get execution of a Bash script.

The password gets me into the admin panel, where I can edit a plugin or write a new plugin to get execution. Tentacle was a box of two halves. The second half was about abusing Kerberos in a Linux environment. That user can access the KeyTab file, which allows them to administer the domain, and provides root access. In Beyond Root, a dive too deep into the rabbit hole of understanding the KeyTab file.

I can also use those passwords to access the admin panel of the Joomla container, where I can then get RCE and a shell. Tenet provided a very straight-forward deserialization attack to get a foothold and a race-condition attack to get root. Both are the kinds of attacks seem more commonly on hard- and insane-rated boxes, but at a medium difficult here.

From the time I first heard about the command injection vulnerability in msfvenom, I wanted to make a box themed around a novice hacker and try to incorporate it. In Beyond Root, a look at some of the automations I put in place for the box. I can use these groups to exploit the IIS service and how it manages the website running as root with a timing attack that will allow me to slip my own code into the site and execute it. There I have access to a form that can submit cereal flavor requests.

That was made more tricky because the serverside code had logic in place to break payloads generated by YSoSerial.

That user has SeImpersonate. There were a couple things to look out for along the way. This means that tools like gobuster and feroxbuster miss it in their default state.

Root is a simple GTFObin in perl. Delivery is a easy-rated box that I found very beginner friendly. The box presents a helpdesk and an instance of Mattermost. By creating a ticket at the helpdesk, I get an email that I can use to update the ticket. Kotarak was an old box that I had a really fun time replaying for a writeup. It starts with an SSRF that allows me to find additional webservers on ports only listening on localhost.

From there, I can access files from an old Windows pentest to include an ntds. The root flag is actually in a container that is using Wget to request a file every two minutes. I wanted to dive into them and see what was happening under the hood. And it really is one of the easiest boxes on the platform. The root first blood went in two minutes. Attended was really hard. At the time of writing three days before it retires, just over people have rooted it, making it the least rooted box on HackTheBox.

It starts with a phishing exercise where hints betray that the user will open a text file in Vim, opening them to the Vim modelines exploit to get command execution.

I showed how my PHP webshell will show up there, and the index page seems to always be there. Sharp was all about C and. It started with a PortableKanban config. At the time of release, there was no public scripts decrypting the database, so it involved reverse engineering a real.

NET binary. NET remoting service with a serialized payload to get shell as user. Toolbox is a machine that released directly into retired as a part of the Containers and Pivoting Track on HackTheBox. Bucket is a pentest against an Amazon AWS stack. As the name hints at, Laboratory is largely about exploiting a GitLab instance.

APT was a clinic in finding little things to exploit in a Windows host. With that hash, I can access the registry and find additional creds that provide WinRM access. Time is a straight forward box with two steps and low enumeration. The first step involves looking at the error code coming off a web application and some Googling to find an associated CVE.

In Beyond Root, I look at the webserver and if I could write a file in the webroot, and also at handling the initial short-lived shell I got from the Systemd timer. That user can doas like sudo on BSD arbitrary commands as root, the password is needed. CrossFit is all about chaining attacks together to get the target to do my bidding. It starts with a cross-site scripting XSS attack against a website. The site detects the attack, and forwards my user agent to the admins to investigation.

An XSS payload in the user-agent will trigger, giving some access there. The first is a remote code execution vulnerability in the HttpFileServer software.

I got hung up for a bit not realizing my shell was running in a bit process, causing my kernel exploits to fail. From there I need to break out of a JEA limited PowerShell, find creds to another account, and trick a custom command from that account into reading root. Sense is a box my notes show I solved almost exactly three years ago. That user shares an SSH key with the next user on the box.

At least not on IPv4. HackTheBox releases a new training product, Academy, in the most HackTheBox way possible – By putting out a vulnerable version of it to hack on. I can use that to create a serialized payload to submit as an HTTP header or cookie to get execution.

Even when it was released there were many ways to own Beep. Looking a the timestamps on my notes, I completed Beep in August , so this writeup will be a mix of those plus new explorations.

The box is centered around PBX software. Feline was another Tomcat box, this time exploiting a neat CVE that allowed me to upload a malcious serialized payload and then trigger it by giving a cookie that points the session to that file.

The rest of the box focuses on Salt Stack, an IT automation platform. My foothold shell is on the main host, but Salt is running in a container. Another box, but this one was a lot of fun. That source allows me to identify a Ruby on Rails deserialization exploit that provides code execution.

It is all about building a wordlist to find a specific image file on the site, and then extracting another list from that image using StegHide. Doctor was about attacking a message board-like website. Worker is all about exploiting an Azure DevOps environment. RopeTwo, much like Rope, was just a lot of binary exploitation. The binary was very limiting on the way I could interact with the heap, which lead to my having to re-write my exploit from scratch several times.

This all takes place at the third annual Kringle Con, where the worlds leading security practitioners show up for talks and challenges. The leet challenges started on day 20, but then followed an additional three hard challenges before the second and final leet one.

These were all really good challenges. My favorite was a binary and a PCAP of an attacker exploiting the binary, where I needed to reverse the crypto operations in the binary and the exploit to recover the data that was stolen.

I really liked one that was another polyglot file where an image turned into an HTML page that dropped a Python script which pull out a docker image containing images that contained a flag. Handing it as such allowed me to reverse the code and emulate it to get two flags. Medium continues with another seven challenges over seven days. Hackvent started out early with a -1 day released on 29 November.

There were seven easy challenges, including -1, one hidden, and five daily challenges. My favorite in the group was Chinese Animals, where I spent way more figuring out what was going on after solving than actually solving. Day 25 is an encryption problem using modular arithmetic. The challenge is to find each d. The twist on day 24 is that it takes place on a grid of hexagons, so each tile has six neighbors, and a normal x,y or r,c coordinate system will be very difficult to use.

Today is another game. Today is also the first time this year where I wrote part one, and then completely started over given part two. Both parts came together pretty quickly, though part two had a few places where small mistakes made identifying mistakes difficult. Day 21 was welcome relief after day Day 20 was almost the end of my Advent of Code. I managed to solve part one in 15 minutes, but then part two got me for days.

Another day with a section of convoluted validation rules and a series of items to be validated. It gets slightly more difficult in the second part, where loops are introduced into the rules.

Laser starts without the typical attack paths, offering only SSH and two unusual ports. One of those is a printer, which gives the opportunity to leak data including a print job and the memory with the encryption key for that job.

Day 18 is reimplementing a simple math system with addition, multiplication, and parentheses, where the order of operations changes. It was more a case of wrapping your head around the problem and how to organize the data so that you could match keys to values using validity rules and a bunch of examples.

I made a guess that the data might clean up nicely in a certain way, and when it did, it made the second part much easier. Day 15 is a game the elves play, where you have to remember the numbers said in a list, and append the next number based on when it was previously said.

It still runs a bit slow in part two, but it works. Part one of day 14 looked to be some basic binary masking and manipulation. But in part two, it got trickier, as now I need to handle Xs in the mask as both 0 and 1, meaning that there would be 2 num X results. I used a recursive function to generate the list of indexes there. Day 13 is looking at a series of buses that are running on their own time cycles, and trying to find times where the buses arrive in certain patterns. It brings in a somewhat obscure number theory concept called the Chinese Remainder Theorem, which has to do with solving a series of modular linear equations that all equal the same value.

Day 12 is about moving a ship across a coordinate plane using directions and a way point that moves and rotates around the ship. My code gets really ugly today, but it solves. Day 10 is about looking at a list of numbers. Day 9 is two challenges about looking across lists of ints to find pairs or slices with a given sum. Day 7 gives me a list of bags, and what bags must go into those bags. The two parts are based on looking for what can hold what and how many.

Day 6 was another text parsing challenge, breaking the input into groups and then counting across the users within each group.

Both parts were similar, with the first counting if any user said yes to a given question, and the latter if every user said yes to a given question. Python makes this a breeze either way. Unbalanced starts with a Squid proxy and RSync. Looking at the proxy stats, I can find two internal IPs, and guess the existence of a third, which is currently out of order for security fixes. Day 4 presented another text parsing challenge. In the first part, I just needed to validate if each section contained a specific seven strings, which is easy enough to solve in Python.

For part two, I need to now look at the text following each of these strings, and apply some validation rules. But then I realized I could just write a regex for each validation, and use the same pattern. Advent of code always dives into visual mapping in a way that makes you conceptualize 2D or 3D space and move through it. Day 2 was about processing lines that contained two numbers, a character, and a string which is referred to as a password.

How the numbers and character become a rule is different in parts 1 and 2. There are 25 days to collect 50 stars. For Day 1, the puzzle was basically reading a list of numbers, and looking through them for a pair and a set of three that summed to SneakyMailer starts with web enumeration to find a list of email addresses, which I can use along with SMTP access to send phishing emails.

One of the users will click on the link, and return a POST request with their login creds. From there, the exploit script returns an administrator shell.

Intense presented some cool challenges. Tabby was a well designed easy level box that required finding a local file include LFI in a website to leak the credentials for the Tomcat server on that same host. That user is a member of the lxd group, which allows them to start containers. Just looking at main, it looks like a simple comparison against a static flag. The effectively prevents my debugging the parent for first child, as only one debugger can attach at a time.

It also dropped and installed another DLL, a credential helper. I used kernel debugging to see how the second driver is loaded, and eventually find a password, which I can feed into the credential helper to get the flag.

I spent over two of the six weeks working crackinstaller. Instead of having the decision logic of the computer in the program, it drops an ELF binary to act as the computer, and communicates with it over a unix socket, all of which is possible on Windows with the Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL.

Fuse was all about pulling information out of a printer admin page. RE Crowd was a different kind of reversing challenge. This exploit uses alphanumeric shellcode to run on success. The host then sends another encrypted blob back to the attcker.

It really was just a AutoIt script wrapped in a Windows exe. TKApp was a Tizen mobile application that was made to run on a smart watch. NET dll that drives the application, so I can break it open with dnSpy. Four variables are initialized through different user actions or different aspects of the files on the watch, and then used to generate a key to decrypt a buffer. In analyzing the VBA, I see more and more hints that something odd is going on. The game was written in Nim lang, and had a lot of complex functions to manage the game.

It was a long way to go, so I patched it to just let me run through blocks and not worry about under vs over. Flare-On 7 got off to an easy start with a Windows executable that was generated with PyGame, and included the Python source. That made this challenge more of a Python source code analysis exercise than a reversing challenge. Initial access requires finding a virtual host with a. One cracks, providing access to the web dashboard. This user has instructions to send a url over the messaging queue, which will cause the box to download and run a cuberite plugin.

Some version enumeration and looking at releases on GitHub shows that this version is vulnerable to a bypass of the bruteforce protections, as well as an upload and execute filter bypass on the PHP site. Cache rates medium based on number of steps, none of which are particularly challenging. That RCE provides a shell.

From there, I can read the current source, and get a password which works for SSH access. Multimaster was a lot of steps, some of which were quite difficult. It truly is a short path to domain admin. Travel was just a great box because it provided a complex and challenging puzzle with new pieces that were fun to explore. JuicyPotato was a go-to exploit whenever I found myself with a Windows shell with SeImpersonatePrivilege, which typically was whenever there was some kind of webserver exploit.

The only exploit on the box was something I remember reading about years ago, where a low level user was allowed to make a privileged Kerberos ticket. The database has domain credentials for a user. Quick was a chance to play with two technologies that I was familiar with, but I had never put hands on with either. In that system, I will exploit an edge side include injection to get execution, and with a bit more work, a shell.

The user path to through the box was relatively easy. Some basic enumeration gives access to a page that will run arbitrary PHP, which provides execution and a shell. People likely rated the box because there was an unintended root using lxd. The intended path was a contrived but interesting pwn challenge that involved three stages of input, the first two exploiting a very short buffer overflow to get access to a longer buffer overflow and eventually a root shell.

Magic has two common steps, a SQLI to bypass login, and a webshell upload with a double extension to bypass filtering. From there I can get a shell, and find creds in the database to switch to user.

These scripts are run by root whenever a user logs in. Rooting Joker had three steps. The first was using TFTP to get the Squid Proxy config and creds that allowed access to a webserver listening on localhost that provided a Python console. I also added a cheat sheet since I reference this post too often. I learned about Chisel from Ippsec, and you can see his using it to solve Reddish in his video.

Fatty forced me way out of my comfort zone. The majority of the box was reversing and modifying a Java thick client.

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Mixed in key 7 vip code keygen free

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