Set New Personal Records in Strength

And Take Your Fitness to the NEXT LEVEL

March 4 – April 14


Set New Personal Records in Strength

And Take Your Fitness to the NEXT LEVEL

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Over the past eight years, Mark Fisher Fitness has watched thousands of Ninjas go through six week transformation programs. First, we launched our Snatched in Six Weeks total body makeover in 2011. People got hot, they told their friends, more people got hot, then we got a Clubhouse.

Then in 2014, by popular demand we launched Snatched II, a sequel to our flagship program. And the unicorns smiled.

We’ve seen again and again the incredible power that six dedicated weeks can have when Ninjas focus on their goals and go after their motherfucking dreams. And we’ve had a ringside seat to watch those Ninjas make unbelievable transformations in both body and mind.

As Ninjas have spent time in the Clubhouse over the years, one of our true joys has been watching Ninjas fall in love with strength and conditioning. What often starts as a purely aesthetic goal slowly transitions to the joy of being a fitness bad-ass.

It’s this drive to reach ever greater heights of fitness glory that inspired us to create our newest six-week transformation program, Snatched: Project X.

Joanna, After Project X

“Hands down, the most meaningful lesson in Project X was that with strength comes responsibility. The more I show up for myself, the stronger I can be for others. I was blown away by the level of community and support in my Project X group. From cheering a classmate to eek out one more rep, to the outpouring of ridiculously ripped back selfies in our Facebook group (true story), showing up for each other was never a question. The support was so unwaveringly palpable.”

– Joanna

Darius, After Project X

“As a guy with a smaller build, I’ve always been intimidated by weights and strength training, but I was both surprised and amazed by the #gainz and increase in strength I found after six weeks in all four of the key lifts. In addition, the heart-rate monitor conditioning training was a new and fun way to objectively challenge my body to push itself to new cardio heights!”

– Darius

Ninjas who take part in our newest six-week snatched program can expect:

  • Personal records of maximal strength on core kettlebell lifts
  • Peak levels of cardiovascular conditioning via heart rate training
  • Education on advanced strength and conditioning strategies
  • Improved confidence that comes from kicking major ass and getting strong AF
  • A deeper understanding of how strength creates a foundation for life
  • An intentional community of like-minded Ninjas to cheer you on and serve as possible hook-up partners

Snatched: Project X features the same six-week structure you know and love, utilized in a completely different way.

Each class has a true “strength training” section, employing progressive strategies to achieve personal records over a six-week period on four core lifts: one-arm kettlebell floor presses, goblet squats, bent over kettlebell rows, and front loaded reverse lunges. Ninjas work to build strength incrementally over a six-week period to allow for a personal record in the final week of Project X.

Additionally, for the first time, MFF has integrated heart rate training into our classes. Each Project X class will end with a conditioning section using your own heart rate to ensure the toughest and most effective training possible. Project X Ninjas receive a MYZONE heart rate monitor that syncs to a TV monitor in the Snatchery, allowing both Ninjas and instructors to assess and tailor the training for best individual results.

And as if this weren’t already the most glory-filled program of epicness that we’ve offered to date, all participants in Project X will also receive a 6-pack of classes included in the program. We want you to take one additional MFF class per week for you to use your heart rate monitor to create a powerful recovery experience and build an aerobic base of conditioning. This will help you get stronger faster and build a platform of cardiovascular fitness to maximize your Project X finishers.

WARNING: This shit is gonna feel different.

Snatched: Project X will NOT be for everyone.

Building maximal strength requires starting with the necessary technical foundation. This program demands the patience to stick with the protocol and slowly and methodically ramp up the weight. It’s going to feel unlike any class experience you’ve had at Mark Fisher Fitness before.

Since this is an advanced curriculum, we’re offering this program only to current Mark Fisher Fitness Ninjas, alumni who have been a 3-month or 12-month member, or those who have done Snatched at some point in the last two years.

It is time to unleash your strength in Snatched: Project X.

Steve, After Project X

“I learned that by pulling back and doing something a little different than I’ve been doing and trusting that it’s all going to be okay, that unexpected positive change can happen. I learned so much about myself during the 6 weeks of Project X. I loved this whole experience and I can’t recommend it enough.”

– Steve

Theresa, After Project X

After the first week of Snatched: Project X, I became proficient at the technique behind the lifts and then it became about something else. I knew that I didn’t need to focus so much on technique but rather, ‘Am I completing these lifts with integrity?’ and ‘Am I really owning the weight I am choosing to pick up?’ Because I kept asking these questions, I became more honest with myself not just in the Snatchery, but in life as well.”

– Theresa


  • Snatched: Project X Foreplay Workshop
  • 18 Snatched: Project X Group Classes, taken in the Snatchery with your dedicated Project X tribe, featuring MYZONE heart rate monitor real-time data integration 
  • 6 Additional MFF Group Classes, taken in the Clubhouse with the rest of the Ninja Army
  • 1 MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor
  • Snatched: Project X Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email and Online Support

EARLY BIRD PRICE – sign up by Sep. 2
3 payments of $329 plus tax


Full PRICE – sign up after Sep. 2
3 payments of $369 plus tax


and 1 payment of $89 plus tax

(for your MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor)

Susan, After Project X

“Snatched: Project X gave me a chance to build on my prior learning in a focused, state-of-the-art way. The heart rate monitor training taught me to trust my body and run my own race, and the weight training accessed strength I didn’t know I possessed. Superbonus: I now have a fantastic, portable workout program to take with me into the world. I heart Project X!”

– Susan

Bob, After Project X

“Once you surrender to the loving care and guidance of the MFF staff, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. The support of the team and fellow Ninjas was encouraging to really push me to set PRs in lifting weights I never thought I could. Learning how to focus on conditioning with the heart rate monitor elevated my fitness journey. Thank you to the MFF community for making this an amazing journey.”

– Bob

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