Transform your body with some of MFF's toughest classes ever

Delivered with the community, accountability, and structure that you love

Transform your body with some of MFF's toughest classes ever

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Snatched II is the sequel to our signature fitness and nutrition adventure at Mark Fisher Fitness, Snatched in Six Weeks. This program is open to Snatched alumni who want to go “all in” for six more weeks and reach new heights of personal awesomeness!

For years, Snatched alumni asked for the option to retake Snatched but without the learning period of the initial few weeks. We heard over and over again that our Ninjas wanted another go at the accountability, community, and structure.

Snatched II keeps the very best elements of Snatched in Six Weeks and ups the ante by offering an even more challenging, ass-kicking set of classes.

The double kettlebell work in Snatched II builds on the technique platform of Snatched I to offer Ninjas a new menu of more technically advanced kettlebell exercises. Think of it as starting during Week 4 of Snatched in Six Weeks… and never looking back.

WARNING: Snatched II is not for the feint of heart. It includes some of the most technically challenging kettlebell lifts and the most challenging classes in all of the MFF universe.

“I have learned that when I slow down and surrender to stillness, I can hear and touch greatness. That greatness is a responsibility and I cannot live a small life any longer.”

– Liz

“Showing up at MFF is always the easiest part of my day. How great is that? The energy this community sustains is infectious and continues to impact every single area of my life.”

– Eddie

Snatched II Ninjas Receive...

  • 3 classes per week for six weeks, featuring some of the most challenging classes ever experienced in the Ninja Clubhouse
  • Nutrition coaching and daily education emails
  • Snatched II Foreplay workshop to help you design your ideal adventure in Snatched II
  • Living a Snatched Life workshop to help to address your transition back to normal life after Snatched II
  • The incredibly popular Snatched FB page, devoted to participants of Snatched and Snatched II to support each other and receive UNLIMITED support from Mark and the rest of the MFF Team
  • The Snatched Strength Video for at-home workouts
  • Digital copy of the most recent Snatched Workbook
  • Flexible scheduling – switch from your primary Snatched II group up to six times based on availability
  • All the trademark MFF ridiculousness, questionable taste, and profanity, wrapped in the most nurturing and positive environment possible.
  • A personal guarantee to confuse and dazzle you into having fun, even while doing the hardest workouts ever offered in the Ninja Clubhouse!
  • The opportunity to upgrade your Snatched II experience by purchasing deeply discounted semi-private training sessions, group classes, and more!
  • And of course, the world-famous Pants Optional Party, a night dedicated to celebrating the success of all the Ninjas who worked their butts off for six weeks!

i know, i know. that’s a lot of shit! and you get all of the above for…


3 payments of $315 plus tax


standard Rate – Ends SEPT. 23
3 Payments of $335 Plus Tax


premium rate – ends SEPT. 30
3 payments of $355 plus tax 

“I can tell you that changing your body isn’t impossible. You can begin this journey alone, and by the end of day one, you will have a village of supporters!”

– Brian

“I feel present in the world in a way I haven’t felt in a long time, possibly ever – present and loving my true self, without hidden shame of masking who I “really” am. I credit this to the remarkable team at MFF.”

– Caite

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