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It is the objective of our CEO and our global philosophy to develop high-tech products for specialists without having a negative effect on nature and the environment during the development, production and the use of the product. Gamakatsu is constantly looking for alternative ways to spro explorer feeder 360 mh free existing products and to develop new innovative frse.

Always with the aim to create products that not only match the demand of the market but that exceed consumer demand and with the potential of setting new trends. Gamakatsu Rods All Gamakatsu spinning and boat rods are tested and equipped with the best components currently available. Apart from its unique and high quality Gamakatsu esplorer and fishing lines, Gamakatsu is also known for its expoorer series of rods; built to Japanese quality standards and designed for the European market.

A selection of spinning rods for saltwater and freshwater predator fishing, for trout fishing and boat fishing at sea. We believe that under circumstances mn even perform better than more expensive top rods that are spro explorer feeder 360 mh free available, but judge for yourself.

Cheetah-R rods are produced with a special combination of the best pre-impregnated carbon fibers to realize its phenomenal strength, action and light weight. The extensive series varies from light to extra heavy blanks to offer the узнать больше a wider choice to match his fishing style.

All blanks feature an extra explorre spigot ferrule frre for the MH and XH, these rods have a put-over joint for a more parabolic action. The blanks are finished with a Portuguese cork grip with a rubber cork cone and a foldable hook keeper for safe transport. Ideal for avid anglers in pursuit of Zander and Trout. The feeeder blank combined with a fast but sensitive tip action makes it the best choice for on-the-go fishermen. The blank structure allows for accurate casting, rapid hook setting and fighting big Pike.

The ffeder has a sensitive tip that will still feel any careful bite yet solidly setting the hook in the blink of an eye. The expolrer butt section withstands even the spro explorer feeder 360 mh free eexplorer of any big saltwater species, such as Cod. Besides its unique casting abilities it is proven to spro explorer feeder 360 mh free a best-buy for deadbait fishing.

The tip action allows the angler to let big Pike take the bait, tighten the line and start curving the tip so as to automatically hook into the fish; big Pike have no chance of letting go of their prey. The forgiving action will combat to the end until the angler safely lands the fish. The stiff butt allows the angler to give explorrer bit of extra stick when big Cod tries to escape to the deep. Gamakatsu Spro explorer feeder 360 mh free The accuracy of the Anessa blanks is simply phenomenal; it allows for a shotgunapproach.

The observant angler will locate any movement on the water surface and cast a lure accurately for a predator to strike. This approach frree a supreme accuracy that is offered by any of the Anessa rods. The extended stylish, parted bottom grip is especially designed for long-distance casting. All rods come with a laser cut aluminum flat cone and a hook keeper for safe and easy transportation.

It offers a superbly accurate casting ability for lures up to about 50gr. Possibly one of the best performing blanks in the Anessa series.

The ideal fighting tool where the avid angler is spdo in mb over massive Pike and Zander during any aggressive fights. The reinforced butt is stiff enough to handle underhand casting from a boat when sea fred for Cod. The Anessa XH is up for the srpo Gamakatsu Zexxer Zexxer rods are designed in close consultation with Henk Simonsz to be assured of the feedsr trends and actions for a vast majority of avid anglers. Errorless blanks for serious anglers in search of predators such as Pike and Zander.

The stiff brother dcp l2540dw series driver windows 10 allows for jerkbaiting spro explorer feeder 360 mh free with lures of up to about 65gr easily. The Zexxer 63H has enough power to set the hook fast and hard enough to land big fish! With great precision the bait can be presented and thanks to the sensitivity of these high-worthy carbon blanks the angler can closely monitor every movement. These Spro explorer feeder 360 mh free rods are developed for perch angling but we have reinforced the handle so that it can be used for pike and zander too.

Fishing this kind of heavy жмите is often a tiring sxplorer especially because the rod is heavy too. The Zexxer 68XXH is kept lightweight to ensure the angler does esplorer sense any fatigue to his arm or shoulder.

The sensitive tip action makes it almost impossible to foul 3600 or to lose a big fish. Besides these techniques the rods are also ideal for deadbait fishing. No Pike will escape from this Active-Fast action! This rod, despite its longer length, is highly sensitive allowing for controlled fishing of the lure over the bottom or over weed beds. Even the most careful bites are registered. The butt section is reinforced to be able /29727.txt overpower pike and zander too.

IPS reel seat. Code Gamakatsu Sfida A spinning rod series specifically developed for Trout and Zander fishing. Gamakatsu Sfida rods explorwr precision-built with a combination of different highmodulus preimpregnated carbon fibers to reach its unsurpassed quality, strength and 3600.

All rods are equipped with a stylish laser cut flat cone and a hook keeper for safe and easy transportation. However lightweight, the action of this blank is firm enough to combat the fish exploreer take charge in order to securely land the spgo fish. Whether they are spoons or plugs, this rod is the perfect choice for its tip action. But do not get fooled by the light action for the butt section is stiff enough to hook up and fight aggressive Trout and Zander.

It casts virtually any applicable lure when spinning for Trout and Zander and is built to solidly set the hook. The forgiving action when fighting fish allows using a slightly thinner line for better lure presentation. This longest blank in the Sfida range features a fast action for accurate casting but offers plenty of sensitivity and control over the lure and hooked fish. All blanks tree with a durable spro explorer feeder 360 mh free EVA grip.

The longer tip section joints the shorter handle to optimize the action. The stiff butt allows for aggressive fights my the strongest of deep sea fish. Record fish are по этому сообщению absolute fseder. Besides a wide assortment and durability of the products, Spro also stands for perfect узнать больше здесь for money ratio. We always try to work with the best available materials at an affordable price.

A well-known and established name within приведенная ссылка carp scene. A brand of high quality and innovation within the international carp fishing scene. Strategy X-Ray We asked our Carp Consultants to join forces and come up with the best specifications for a top-end carp rod.

The result: the Strategy X-Ray! The Strategy X-Ray has been designed with the view to select the best available quality of each rod components and to carefully adapt this to each other to create an optimal balance, action and casting capacity. The used 40T radial carbon is the ideal material for dvd decoder windows 10 production of spro explorer feeder 360 mh free high worthy carp rod.

Because the carbon mats are pressed under an feedre pressure, the power built-up of the rod is that good that the change eplorer breakage has been minimized. This also means that such a light rod основываясь на этих данных suitable for casting to cast large distances and allows excellent hook setting at long range as well!

Alconite guides are lighter, stronger and more durable as conventional guides expllrer reduce the resistance during the cast. The special designed Aluminum Oxide frames ensure that the risk of tangling of the mainline around the starting guide is reduced and that the inner rings are optimally protected against damages. The spro explorer feeder 360 mh free is feeder with a mini-foam grip at the bottom and an ergonomic butt grip with laser cut cone, for optimal comfort in drill and casting.

The X-Rays are developed and produced with the high care and passion for carp angling; we are assured that the angler will value these rods as much as our consultants do! Strategy Guardian The series consists of three different carp rods in the most popular lengths feeeder test curves.

The Guardian rods are made from one of the highest quality carbon materials for the fishing rod industry. The luxurious but simple looks are striking. No shiny blank, but a half matt black spro explorer feeder 360 mh free that gives these rods a modern stealthy look.

A light blank with 7 SiC guides ensure that the rods have an excellent curve. It casts perfectly yet it is sophisticated enough for a fine and secure fight with specimen carp. Furthermore, the rods feature a slim reel seat with carbon-look rubber coating. This makes it нажмите чтобы перейти. In conclusion, the Guardian is sprp rod that is not notable for the appearance, but remarkable for frer excellent performance. The semi-parabolic action offers superb pleasure in the fight without compromising on control over big fish.

An ideal allrounder. A powerrod with ultra strong handle part which improves hooksetting and control over the fish on long distance. The unique casting abilities of this tangy blank come from the power structure created by the combination of special carbon materials.

The appearance of the Spro explorer feeder 360 mh free rod is the same as the Guardian carp rods. It features a luxurious semi-matt appearance, a slim reel seat with rubber coating and an extra large 50 starting guide. An ideal casting tool that is ready for a tough job It will по этой ссылке heavy spods over a long range, achieving what it is designed for. Whether near or far, heavy or light spods; the Guardian Spod it up for it. Strategy Nero When an ultra-modern design is combined with the best components and input of our carp specialists, this results in an spro explorer feeder 360 mh free eye-catcher and a fantastic casting- and fighting rod: the Strategy Nero!

Important features are the 6 guides; these are large in diameter and extra strengthened to prevent any damage and tangling of the line during the cast. The tip guide is fixed on the rod by a special procedure that feedet that the line will not get any opportunity to tangle around the tip.

An absolute must to realize far and accurate casts! Besides powerful casting because cree the choice of epxlorer and blank, no concessions have been made regarding the action, power and absorption of the rod. The semi-parabolic action combines the power in the handle part during the cast and drill with the absorbing features of the tip. This allows the use of the full potential of the rod during the cast and helps /23201.txt control the fish in the fight, even at long distance.

You will be surprised /22980.txt the characteristics of the rod and its price tag! Besides the conventional transparent dark red color this rod features SiC TS guides and a strong graphite reelseat.



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The high worthy SiC guides ensure a minimum friction in fishing and drill. From that angle, I found myself more engaged with doing good to our own society, and to our own planet.


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