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I can tell you that changing your body isn't impossible. You can begin this journey alone, and by the end of day one, you will have a village of supporters! - Ninja Brian

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” That is how I feel about my experience with MFF!

I am a confessed “yo-yo” dieter. The type of guy that has always felt never “good enough” or “hot” enough. The guy who was never “built” enough. I spent most of my youth as the fat kid. The one in the locker room who wished for abs like the other guy.

Although nobody in my immediate life ever said, “Gee, Brian you’re fat,” it was a feeling I could never change. So I signed up for Snatched at MFF Round 1 2013! I entered this round very goal oriented. I wanted to “look” like those guys growing up. I wanted the body that I have seen on the street. The “hot” guys, the “built” guys. The guy with the chest and arms and butt etc… My first experience I did everything that was asked of me and I got those abs. Then I left. Left MFF and was back on my own in the world. Never investing in the full experience that was being offered to me. The result? Simple I reverted back to the old me.

I returned to MFF Round 2 for Snatched II! This time in 2016 it was different. I was no longer interested in the results. Not interested in being “that guy.” I wanted to understand why. Why, have I been a “yo-yo” dieter? What is the problem? Why can’t I hold onto my body?

It was at the Snatched II Foreplay Workshop that my why became crystal clear. “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you never done.” Commit! Total commitment to me.

I have never been honest with myself about what I didn’t like. I realized I didn’t like being out of control of my body. The relationship I had with “working out,” my food, and habits in life! All of these were not aligned with desired body. Through the workshop I learned that the problem was not the food. I didn’t fail because of the food. I failed because I had no plan. I failed in Round 1 because I was unable to hold to my motivation. Snatched Round 2 for me was about the journey. I entered this round with the expectation of discovery and immersion. Allowing Mark Fisher Fitness to to do what it does best. Dust off, and expose the best you that has always been there!

The best believes in the following:

  • Run your own race
  • Work out one rep at time
  • Focus on you
  • This journey can be as hard or as easy as you like

These phrases brought me through the the other side of health first! And the result? HOTNESS! The best me is stronger, not because I lost 13 pounds or went from a 34.5 inch waist to a 30 inch waist line… but because the best me takes the time to look, listen, and apply what I have been taught. To LIVE what is demonstrated daily at MFF, the best you!  

If anyone asked me, which most do, How do you look this way, I say MFF. And then I say, just show up. Sign up, show up, trust the process. Because it works! I can tell you that changing your body isn’t impossible. You can begin this journey alone, and by the end of day one, you will have a village of supporters!

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