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When you are ready to make a change, and you find a place that is more than ready and able to make you do that, serious shit happens. - Ninja Stephen

If someone asked me, “What did Snatched do the least for you?”, I would say, change my body. That’s right, with the incredible physical results I see, that was just the very least that Snatched was able to do. I walked through the doors of the Snatchery at a very particular point in my life and, believing everything happens for a reason, at definitely the perfect time. A new year was approaching and I was frustrated because after significant success I was back in NYC running myself ragged chasing my dreams and nothing had taken off. I felt unmotivated, my time management skills had fallen, I, more than usual, had serious issues with my body never reaching its full potential because I just didn’t know how to get myself there and maintain. I was in the kind of headspace that the only way things were going to change and get better was if I bungee jumped outside of my comfort zone. It was when I had to go buy new jeans, could feel my body moving more than usual, and was thinking more about how I just felt unlike myself than the beautiful songs I got to sing in auditions, that I said enough is enough. So I started looking into programs. Snatched has always been in the back of my head as that awesome program that ripped two of my friends that I couldn’t afford and probably wouldn’t work for me. And even though I felt that way, I texted the two people I knew who did the program, one of which who happens to be one of my closest friends, and they both without hesitation told me to do it because it was the best thing they have ever done. So I clicked the Snatched link, mulled it over, and made the first payment. Terrified because A. It’s so much money for right now. B. I am NOT a morning person and this class is early as FUCK. C. What if it doesn’t work.

Let me tell you something, when you are ready to make a change, and you find a place that is more than ready and able to make you do that, serious shit happens. I told myself going in that I would go balls deep in the program and murder it.

Everyone at MFF is a godsend. How do I know this? Well, before I walked in the damn doors I had blown up literally every staff member’s email. Specifically Mark. In the weeks before Snatched you choose a program weight loss or gain muscle. Listen, I hadn’t signed up for options! I guarantee you that on the weekend before Snatched I had 123 emails back and forth with Mark Fisher. Because I was FREAKING the fuck out trying to figure out my life. And you know what he did? Answered every fucking question, told me the truth about process and made sure I felt good about the decision I made.

And it’s like that the entire time through Snatched. These superhumans lift your scared, confused, stressed, uptight ass up, give you a nice stroke and help to carry you along the way of this journey. I couldn’t be more happy with my physical results. I said that if I felt confident I would get my ass up somewhere and go-go dance, and dammit I’m already making calls to make that happen. But not only that….

Because of Snatched:

I have gotten in a routine of cooking for the week. I stopped eating at work (restaurant job, you know the drill). Every Sunday I spend the evening in my kitchen cooking (which I love to do and had lost because of, well life). I plan things out, shop and spend some much needed time with myself doing something for myself.

I have the new found drive to get shit done. Because of the early rising, I get up, I accomplish the things that needed to get done, and I have a full day. On the flip side, my night owl days are over, and speaking as someone who on average got about 4-5 hours of sleep, this body knocks out and I get a good 6-7 (Sorry, Mark, I know I need 1 more.)

I’ve gained enough knowledge about nutrition to keep a good, balanced, healthy diet, and know how much to eat in a day, which I was apparently way off.

I feel fucking good about myself. I walk into an audition, confident, feeling like I’ve already been to class, had half my protein, the rest of my food is in my bag, and I’m doing you a favor by coming in here to SLAY for 3 minutes.

I’ve regained a true appreciation for my time. Who I spend it with, who I don’t, what I do.

I can’t tell you what the last day of Snatched is like, but I can tell you this: up until that day, I hadn’t had a good “Snatched cry,” but on the final rep, in the final class, well, he finally let it go. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in myself. I set out to do something and I fucking did it. I FINISHED. I felt worth all the things that I know will come my way. I am driven, focused. I just want to keep going.

I’m not there yet, but I’m exactly where I need to be. Snatched put me on the road to health and hotness and gave me every fucking tool I could need ever to keep me going. Looking back, every damn dime I polished off to pay for this EXPERIENCE is nothing. Snatched has truly changed my life forever, and I’m eternally grateful to every neon spandex wearing, unicorn horn having, sexually fluid seeming person that is there.

“You are Perfect. You are Perfect”… I heard it everyday for six weeks….

Guess what…


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